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API Key Management

PolyScale API Overview

Details about PolyScale's API endpoints can be found at In order to use the PolyScale API, you will need to create a PolyScale API Key.

Creating an API Key

API keys are managed from within the PolyScale User Interface. To create an API Key, click on Settings underneath the dropdown at the top right of the PolyScale application to go to the Workspace Settings page. If you have more than one Workspace, choose the workspace for which you wish to create an API Key from the Workspace dropdown at the top right of the screen.

From the Workspace Settings page, select API Keys on the left hand side, and then click Create new at the top right.


Once you create the API Key, be sure to store it somewhere safe as you can not view it again.

API Keys are scoped to a specific workspace, and remain in the workspace even if the user who created the API Key is removed.

Revoking an API Key

Any user with editor or admin priviledges in the workspace can remove the API Key from the Workspace Settings page, by clicking on API Keys and then clicking the three dots in the right-most column for the API Key they wish to remove and choosing Delete. The API Key will be immediately removed from the workspace and invalidated.

Authentication to the PolyScale API

When making requests to the PolyScale API, include a header of:

Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY_HERE