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PolyScale provides a complete window into database activity and cache performance. These visualizations and metrics can be found under the Observability tab within the user interface for any cache.

PolyScale's Observability is structured using two interchangeable views; Summary and Details.

The Summary view provides quick answers to questions such as how busy in the platform, what should be cached and how beneficial is the cache. The Details view provides access to deep insight to answer specifics such as hit and miss ratios, payload sizes as well as detailed execution times to name but a few.

Detailed below is a description of each metric and its application.

Summary View#


The SQL query. See the SQL section for the Details View below for further details.

Query Counts#

The total number of queries processed by PolyScale for the selected time period.

Time Saved#

The total database server execution time saved due to the cache.

Cache Potential#

A score summarizing the potential benefit of cache (uncached execution time per distinct query result). This ranges between 1 and 0 where 1 is the highest potential and 0 is the lowest.


The current TTL (in seconds) configured for the listed query.

Details View#


The SQL query. NOTE: PolyScale redacts all query parameters for privacy so that no PII data is saved to the platform. For example, see the WHERE clause below:

SELECT  ...FROM  `employees`WHERE  `first_name` = '[?]'


A list of all tables used for a given query.


Boolean indicating if the specified query is a Data Query Language query. DQL queries in the PolyScale context are classified as SELECT and SHOW queries only.