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Partner Integration

PolyScale’s partner integrations make it simple to offer a serverless database edge cache as part of your offering. Using our API you can seamlessly integrate PolyScale account creations, cache management and billing etc.

If you are interested in integrating with PolyScale, please contact us.

Workflow Overview

PolyScale exposes a /partner api endpoint which utilizes a partner API key. This supports the ability to create PolyScale user accounts. Upon account creation, the user account will be bootstrapped with a user specific API key that can be stored by the partner and used for cache management and future operations.

Creating a user account with a partner key also triggers a user signup workflow for a PolyScale account, so that the end user can login to the PolyScale UI. We also plan to support oAuth2 for this flow in the future.

Partner Integration Overview
Partner Integration Overview