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Partner Integration

PolyScale’s partner integrations make it simple to offer a serverless database edge cache as part of your offering. Using our API you can seamlessly integrate PolyScale account creations, cache management and billing etc.

If you are interested in integrating with PolyScale, please contact us.

OAuth Applications

With OAuth applications you can grant third-party services access to your PolyScale resources via the PolyScale API.

Access Scopes

There are two kinds of access scopes:

  • read access - allows applications to view resources
  • write access - allows applications to modify resources

Currently supported scopes are:

  • caches:read - allows reading caches
  • caches:write - allows creating, updating and deleting caches
  • cacheRules:read - allows reading cache rules
  • cacheRules:write - allows creating updating and deleting cache rules

Creating OAuth Applications

OAuth applications can be created at the user level or the workspace level. Creating OAuth applications at a workspace level will enable all admin users of that workspace to manage the applications. User level applications can only be managed by that user.

To create an OAuth application at the user level go to Settings → Account → Integrations and press "Create" in the section titled "OAuth Apps". Set a name that helps users identify your application. Make sure to also set the necessary scopes that your application needs and the redirect URIs you want to enable. Additionally you can add a URL to a logo and a homepage to help users identify your application.

After submitting the form, you'll be presented with the OAuth client id and client secret. Make sure to save the secret somewhere safe, as you'll not be able to see it again. You'll need to use the client id and client secret when interacting with the PolyScale OAuth server as required by the OAuth2.0 protocol.


Make sure to save the OAuth client secret somewhere safe, as you'll not be able to see it again.

To create an OAuth application at the workspace level open the workspace and go to Settings → Workspace → Integrations.

OAuth Flow

PolyScale OAuth integrations currently only supports the OAuth2.0 Authorization Code Grant type.

The OAuth2.0 server automatically issues a refresh token alongside the access token, enabling integrations to automatically refresh expired access tokens.

The PolyScale authorisation server is available at

  • Authorisation Path - /oauth2/auth

  • Token Path - /oauth2/token

Authorizing OAuth Applications

When a third-party application requests consent for accessing your resources on your behalf you'll be prompted to select a workspace to authorize access on. The application will only be able to access resources associated with this workspace.

Make sure to also review the requested access scopes before authorizing the request.

Authorized OAuth applications will be listed under Settings → Account → Integrations. Here you can also revoke consent on a per-application basis or revoke consent for all applications. Revoking consent will invalidate any issued tokens to prevent the applications from accessing your resources.

Interacting with the PolyScale API

The PolyScale api uses bearer token authentication. Provide the OAuth2.0 access token in the Authorization header as Bearer [[ACCESS_TOKEN]].