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Workspaces & Permissions

What Are Workspaces?#

Workspaces are logical groupings within PolyScale that can be used to identify projects, teams, departments or entire companies.

Workspaces can be thought of as enabling the mapping of caches to users to billing i.e. a workspace can have one or more members and billing preferences are assigned to each workspace. Workspaces also enable settings and preferences to be applied to all caches and users within that workspace.

A user can belong to one or more workspaces and permissions can be assigned to a user within a workspace. As default, a new user account is assigned to a workspace named Default.

Workspace Permissions#

A user can have a specific permission in a workspace of:

Read-only users can only view existing PolyScale caches. Read-only users cannot create, delete or modify caches or cache settings.

Editor can manage PolyScale caches i.e. CRUD as well as set TTL values. Editors cannot make changes to the workspaces, billing or other users.

Administrator have full permissions over all PolyScale resources belonging to this workspace. An administrator can manage workspace settings, users and billing information as well as delete a workspace.